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3000A 4000A IGBT high frequency plating rectifier

output voltage:6V/12V/15V/24V       output current:3000A/4000A

Index parameters:

1)Input voltage range: 380VAC    350VAC-450VAC (three phase)  50Hz

2) Output current stability: ≤2%

3) Output voltage stability: ≤1%

4) Efficiency:  ≥85%

5) Power factor: ≥0.9

6) Start-up postponing time: ≤10s

7) Inverting frequency: 18kHz ± 2kHz (800A-1000A)

                                  8kHz ± 2kHz (300A-500A)

8) Cooling mode: air cooling


Product features:

1) Small size, light weight, high efficiency, high control precison.

2) High –frequency pulse current output, Suitable for plating small size no-ferrous metal and alloy work pieces,

 it has high penetration ability, strong adhesive force, and can effectively enhance the brightness of the plated surface.

3) Output voltage and current can be adjusted, limiting voltage and current can be adjusted, greatly enhance application flexibility of the product for users.

4) With complete protection functions, over current, overheat protection functions. High power factor, less pollution to the electric network no interference.


Scope of application:

     It is suitable for acidic copper,alkaline copper,multi-layer nickel,Chrome,zinc,gold,silver,indium,rhodium,electrolysis degreasing ,and single or double-clad plated printing process.