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Brush plating rectifier

Output voltage: 6V/12V/15V    Output current: 50A-5000A

Indicated parameters:
1) Input voltage range:
    a) Single phase: AC 220V ± 20%
    b) Three phase: AC 380V ± 20VAC
2) Output current stability: ≤2%
3) Output voltage stability: ≤1%
4) Whole machine efficiency: ≥80%
5) Delaying time for start up≤10S

6)Inverting frequency:18kHz±2kHz

7)Positive-negative time setting : 0-99s precision: 1s

8)Positive and vegative output: set the single/positie-negative switch to the positive-negative end,set the positive and negative output parameters according to the

positive and negative time of the equipment ,the positive and negative indicating lamps on the panel will indicate the working status of the voltage and curren value.

 Scope of application: 

This kind of plating rectifier is mainly used in brush plating process, suitable for repairing plated work pieces with defects,

depositing different metal patterns on metal surfaces and electrolysis degreasing and plating process etc.