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Multi-waveform output plating rectifier

Index parameters:
1) Input voltage range: 220VAC± 20% (single phase)
                                 350VAC-450VAC (three phase)  45-60Hz
2) Output current stability: ≤2%
3) Output voltage stability: ≤1%
4) Efficiency:  ≥87%
5) Power factor: ≥0.9
6) Electromagnetic compatibility : EN/FCC Class B

Product feature:

1.Real -time monitoring of AC input stats,output voltage,curent value,ambient temperature,on time calculatin and accumulation,three stage time control functions.

2.Automatically judges over-voltage and generates alarm signals.All measured values can be displayed in the monitoring center and related report forms are automatically generated.

3.Different waveform output optional to meet the requirement of different plating processes and tests.

4.Use RS485/422 high speed communication port to monitor the operation of rectifier.

5.The analog signals input port and output port are easy to connect with PLC.

Scope of application

Can be used in combination with PLC to fully realize computerized management.


PLC control :

1.Signal from PLC to rectifier:

a)Swithing parameters:control :Start-up/stop,CC/CV

b)Simulation parameters:Current control :4-20mV current signal,voltage control:0-10V

2.Signa from rectifier to PLC:

a)Three switching parameters,start-up/stop ,CC/CV,fault alarm.

b)Two simulation parameters ,4-20mA current signal ,or 0-10V voltage signal ,indicated the output current and output voltage of the rectifier .

c)There is a completely electric insulation betwen the rectifier and PLC.

d)Linear precision≤1%(The actual output and feedback of PLC simulation control parameters respond to rectifier).

e)With soft start-up function:When the output regulation control signal changes,the output of rectifier will changes slowly too.(this function can be choosed by clients).


RS485 specification:

a)The attachalbe quantity:1:N(≤32 sets)

b)Communication speed 19200,9600 ,4800 selectable

c)Control agreement :asynchronism

d)Communication mode: semiduplex

e)Character mode:ASCⅡ

f)Stop bit 1bit


h)parity bit: even


Picture of multi-waveform: