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Thin film formation power supply

Output voltage: 0-1000A (Continuously adjustable)     Output current: 0-1000A (Continuously adjustable)

Index parameter:
1) The range of input voltage (three phase): AC 380V ±10%
2) Output current stability: ≤0.5%
3) Output voltage stability: ≤1%
4) The whole machine efficiency: ≥88%
5) Power factor: ≥0.9
6) Ripple:≤1%
7) Output mode:smoothed or pulsating wave
8) Cooling mode: air cooling or water cooling

Product feature:

1.It is suitable for full load,continuous running,low-voltage electromic aluninum foil process.

2.It can add PLC control system and intelligent touch operating system,remote and local control ,high control accurac.

3.The output waveform is smooth,the quality of corrosion and plating is high .

4.The voltage feedback between tank and rectifier can be controlled manuallyand automatically.

5.Small size,light weight and high efficiency.

6.Over-current,three-phase imbalance,phase lose,over-temperature and aluminum foil loss protecion.


Scope of application:

This kind of rectifier is special designed for aluminum foil.