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Radio base station power supply (linear mode)

Indicated parameter:

1.Ambient Temperature: -10℃-55℃
2.Relative humidity  :40℃(20-90)%RH
3.Atmospheric Pressure: 86-106kpa
4.Rated Source Voltage:AC220V±10%
5.Source Effect: ≤5×10-4+0.5mv
6.Load Effect: ≤5×10-3+1mv
7.Ripple voltage: ≤10mvP-P
8.Temperature Coefficient : ≤1×10-3+1mv/℃
9.Drift: ≤1×10-3+2mv
10.Output Voltage: 13.8VDC±0.5VDC
12.Output Current: 10A/15A/20A/25A/30A
13.Charging Current:
Fast charge: 2A
Float charge: 1A
14.Size and weight : 182×278×132mm     7kg
15.Over-voltage Protection Voltage:17±1V

Product feature:

1. Output voltage, Output current and charge state display
2.High precision constant voltage , output DC constant voltage precision coefficient <0.1%.
3Automatic over-voltage protection, when the output voltage is higher than the normal range, the AC power will be cut off automatically to ensure the safe of the station.
4.Automatic over-current protection, when the output current is larger than the maximum value or the load is shore of circuit ,the AC power will be cut off automatically .
5.Wide input voltage range
6.When AC power loses, it will switches to the battery supply automatically.


Product usage:

Special for communication station,suitable for police office,water conservancy,communication department and all kinds of factories.