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Shunde Samyang Co.,Ltd

Address: NO.30-3, FUAN                INDUSTRIAL AREA                LELIU TOWN SHUNDE                FOSHAN                GUANGDONG CHINA
Postal code: 528322
Telephone: 86-757-25534219
Fax: 86-757-25566961
Website: www.samyang.cc
Current location:Home >About Us

SHUNDE SAMYANG CO.,LTD was born in the soil of Chinese manufacturing base “Shunde”, grow up in the care of customers throughout the country, develop in the atmosphere of technological innovation and human-first . After years of market temper, and now, its three types of products - power supply equipment, plating production lines and Zipper Machinery have including Electric power electronic rectifier, electroplating industry and metal zipper industry, erected brands in the industry, the formation of reputation.

The communication power supply long service in army, police office, anti-corrosion, fire control, transoceanic communication. Electroplating rectifier has sold to all over the country ,the products enjoyed high efficiency, energy saving, quality stable praise in the surface treatment industry. Electroplating production line was widely used in hardware, breadboard, plastic cement and electronic plating area etc. The full-automatic electroplating production line, semiautomatic plating production line, manual operation plating line and waste gas processing system etc all can be designed, produced and made solutions according to the customers’need. Zipper machinery and equipment are used in the enterprises of metal zipper production, supporting downstream apparel, luggage and sporting goods industries yeah product, the product has a strong price advantage over imported equipment, is the preferred alternative to similar imported equipment.


Three kinds of main products, three arrows shot from a strong capacity for innovation. The company has always attached importance to product information, automation and intelligent research and development, with many years of industry experience in microelectronics technology and precision machinery manufacturing, has set up an engineering and technology research and development center, and has a number of national patents. Companies continue to optimize product design, improve product efficiency and reliability of operation in order to better reflect the product of intelligent CNC and automation design. Stable and reliable design, tailor-made products, attentive customer service is the feedback from customers to SAMYANG; advanced production technology, precision measurement and control technology, and integrate the scientific management into automated production process is also a product design idea of the company .


Three kinds of main products, go hand in hand, also benefited from a strong after sales service guarantee. Company focus on building sales service center network, at present, the country has established nine branches, two exclusive agents, nearly 20 commissioned dealership maintenance, market position in the domestic equipment manufacturers. In logistics and production planning management, use information management systems, can delivery the products to the users in time. The production and testing equipments are imported from the United States, Germany, Japan. At the same time, the quality management of the product quality-related activities (including product development, design, production and after-sales service)is according to comply with ISO9001: 2008 quality management system standards operation.

Excellent quality, superb technology, comprehensive after-sales service, competitive prices, modern management is three Young AG on your guarantee.